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Tax Tips for Trade Decorators: How to Keep More of Your Hard-Earned Cash

This presentation will provide valuable insights on how trade decorators can navigate the UK tax system to maximize their tax deductions, reduce taxable income, and avoid any tax-related pitfalls.

The presentation will be delivered in a fun and engaging way, incorporating relatable examples to make taxes more approachable for attendees. Overall, the presentation aims to empower trade decorators to take control of their finances and keep more of their hard-earned money in their pockets.
A-Plan Insurance
Liability Insurance – The Most Important Tool for Tradespeople

A-Plan will host an engaging Insurance Workshop covering the risks faced by tradespeople, and the importance of having adequate insurance coverage. Attendees will learn the importance of Public, Employers Liability and property insurance, as well as how to assess their insurance needs and how we find the right insurance provider for them.

A-Plan will also provide tips on how to reduce insurance premiums and how to manage claims effectively. Overall, the aim of the seminar is to help tradesmen protect their business, assets and employees against unexpected events and minimise financial losses, there will also be open Q&A session in which we can help with any difficulties you are experiencing with finding coverage.
Secured by Design

Reduce your risk to vehicle crime & tool theft

Join Hazel Goss from the official police security initiative Secured by Design as she discusses the steps that you can take to reduce their vulnerability to crime, as well as discussing the type of products that can be used to deter thieves, Hazel will demonstrate how these products work and discuss the best security measures to use in different scenarios.

This session will leave you with a better understanding of how you can protect your vehicles and tools. Topics covered include van and vehicle security; forensic marking; garage security; shed & outbuilding security; RFID security and the security of tools.
Appy Quote
Quoting – Estimating - Invoicing App for Decorators

AppyQuote will be doing a live presentation on the revolutionary new software helping decorators save time and increase win ratios through professional implementation.

Jamie Mintrim, CEO and founder of AppyQuote and fellow Decorator for over 18 years, will be showcasing the product, highlighting what’s coming next, the future of technology in the industry, and telling his story about how he got into the decorating trade and built an app for his fellow decorators.

Don’t miss this groundbreaking and revolutionary new application for decorators, and Jamie’s incredible story.