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The Talking Tradesman
Together, let's talk, let's listen, and let's support one another on the journey to better mental health in the construction trades.

We will be joined by The Talking Tradesman who will be hosting an interactive discussion on Mental Health in the trades featuring a previous guest from the Let's talk podcast.

Russ will discuss metal health within construction, his own lived experience and what led him to establish the podcast. Topics of discussion will be around “ what is mental health” - how to identify it and pay attention to it, the services and support available including Samaritans. The focus of the discussion will be to encourage people to reach out and talk - but equally that we all have a responsibility to listen and provide a safe space to do so.
Decorator Accountants
Attention all trade decorators: understand how to grow your business, pay less tax and get back your time

Ross Dwyer of Decorator Accountants will share insights on how to drive top and bottom-line growth within your decorating business. You will also pick up actionable tips and a better understanding of how to pay less tax whilst reducing time spent on endless admin. You certainly didn’t become a decorator to focus time & energy on sifting through paperwork!

Decorator Accountants are the only accountants, focussed specifically on trade decorators and Ross will share his story of how wanted to help decorators achieve financial freedom & success.
Obsessed Decorating

Maximize Efficiency and Profitability: How Spraying Can Elevate Your Decorating Business

Have you been thinking of introducing spraying into your decorating business? Join Sharon Norton-Marshall of Obsessed Decorating and hear how spraying has changed her business. allowing for increased revenue, faster project completion, and the ability to take on larger, more lucrative jobs, all whilst enabling her to have a better work/ life balance.

Financial Upscaling: Learn strategies to upscale your income significantly by incorporating spraying into your services. Understand the financial benefits and how this modern technique can lead to a substantial boost in your profitability.

Efficiency and Time Management: Find out how you can mist out a room in just five minutes, freeing up more time for other tasks and increasing overall productivity.

Overcoming Challenges: Discuss common misconceptions and resistance towards spraying, including concerns about excessive masking and cleaning of machines. Sharon will share practical tips and insights to help you overcome these barriers and seamlessly integrate spraying into your workflow.
Decorators Development

Work Less and Earn More

Running a Better, More Profitable Small Decorating Business

Are you looking to enhance your decorating business for greater success?

Join Trevor Mangan from Decorators Development and learn how he transformed his business, boosting revenue, managing money better, and tackling estimating with ease, all while improving work-life balance.
Now, after years of dedication, Trevor is eager to share his insights.

Whether you're new to decorating or it’s all you know, his story proves that with passion and persistence, success is within reach.
Trevor understands the challenges you face, from long hours to juggling family commitments. That's why he's introducing a 3-month mentoring program to help you unlock your potential and build a thriving business.

Together, you'll navigate budgeting, marketing, organisation, and financial management, turning your decorating business into the success story you've always dreamed of.