Masterclasses in the Manchester Suite
Day 1 - Thursday 23rd June
Acrylic instantly paintable filler
Ms Polymer technologies and its use with the Decorators Trade
Paint and Varnish Remover
Q&A session by Martin Mc Aleenan.
Graco is the world’s premier spray application equipment manufacturer and has always been the innovator in this field. In 1948 Graco launched the world’s first airless sprayer, in 1965 the first electric airless sprayer, and in 2012 the first battery airless sprayers.
Graco’s professional sprayers are often used in both the production of major movies, such as Batman, and TV shows like Dr Who, and Atlantis. They’ve also been used by professionals in TV makeover shows, the most recent being BBC One’s Interior Design Masters. Come take a closer look at Graco’s powerful, compact and highly portable cordless sprayers and let us demonstrate how our growing range of professional sprayers can help grow your business.
Repair Care
How to achieve fast durable and cost effective timber repairs using Repair Care, looking at the difference between traditional and durable repairs and the Repair Care 7 steps to achieving long lasting timber repairs. Followed by a demonstration.12:00pm
3M UK Ltd
Safety products for PPE .1:00pm
PaintTech Training Academy
Presentation on how Spraying can change your businesses.
This will be a very interactive session.
The Wagner XVLP Masterclass with Craig Phillips is here to help you understand spraying with XVLP technology. We will be discussing the range of benefits this versatile technology brings to your working day, covering the FinishControl 3500 and 5000 sprayers in the Wagner range. Come and see us to hear about best practice, tips & tricks and how to make the most of XVLP technology, with Wagner.3:00pm
Day 2 - Friday 24th June
A product demonstration on how to apply our EasiPatch plasterboard patches, the must-have repair solution for damaged plaster and plasterboard. Now in a handy two-pack, the self-adhesive patches provide a quick solution for repairing single socket and spotlight holes. See the product in action and find out more about its benefits and application.10:15am
PeelTec paint stripper. Peel Tec acts fast - Simply spray and in less than ten minutes, watch that paint peel away. INCREDIBLE! Due to Peel Tec’s unique formulation it will not damage the base material and prepares the surface perfectly for re-coating. Peel Tec is unbelievably versatile and works on almost all materials with the same clinical efficiency. Watch our masterclass and see for yourself.11:00am
Frogtape will be demonstrating their Unique and Market leading FrogTape Masking Tapes for use with most paints and surfaces. Ideal when painting skirting boards, architraves, frames and doors. Perfect on painted surfaces, glass, carpet and stone.
FrogTape is the only masking tape treated with Paintblock Technology, FrogTape helps keeps paint out and lines sharp, perfect for decorators who want to achieve a high-quality finish quickly and easily - will save you time and money.
Coo Var
The ‘Seven Deadly Sins of Painting’‚ Here you will learn of common painting problems which you will already face and how to overcome them. From condensation to corrosion, Coo-Var has top notch specialist paints to fix your problems.1:00pm
The benefits of joining the Painting and Decorating Association - delivered by Membership Services Manager, Mrs Denice Harper and a PDA member.2:00pm


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Training sessions in Captains Bar
Day 1 - Thursday 23rd June
CompanyTraining session
An introduction to the Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Repair System.
UK Sales Manager Brian Jones will provide a unique and free to attend training ‘taster’ session for 10 people which will include the following : An introduction to the Timbabuild Epoxy Wood Repair System Made in the UK.

How Timbabuild will benefit you and your business Advantages for your clients. An overview of the products within the range Working and curing times Differences between EHB60 and ERC10 How to extrude and mix efficiently and the right way Do’s and Don’t’s Splicing and adhesion Corner / Rebate Repairs Tips and Tricks for the best results A practical hands on repair for each participant.
The session will close with an opportunity to purchase the Timbabuild Starter Kit.
Dulux Academy

Colour Confidence

Would you like to me more confident with colour?

Join Dulux Academy Skills Development Consultant Nicola Holmes as she immerses you in a world of colour.
You’ll gain insight into a combination of colour science, theory, and scheming. The practical workshop will also see you engage with a range of tools you can use to bring colour to life with your customers.
This session will be highly engaging and practical including use of mobile phones and / or tablets so please bring them with you ready to use.
At the end of this session, you will leave with the knowledge and skills to create and present colour schemes to your customers with confidence.
Day 2 - Friday 24th June
CompanyTraining session
Nick Sammut
Mist Free Spraying
This will consist of the Nespri-TEC system for spraying Caparol Nespri emulsions and masonry paint onto plasterboard sheets for wall and ceiling situations.

The Nast system is the mistfree spraying system for fine finishes on woodwork. Again using Caparol paints but this time the Nast products. For this we'll be using some door, skirting or window samples to spray onto.
Italiano Stucco
Introduction to Italiano Stucco, venetian plaster and it’s growth in popularity.

The session will include two demonstrations on two of the most popular Italiano Stucco products. This is a hands on session where participants will be taught how to apply one of the decorative paints on a sample board to take home with them.

The product is sure to leave you with a good understanding about the product and a desire to want to know more.